32 Siftr – Sample Activity Workflow

Platform Conversion Options

TIME RANGE  Short-Term
(web only)
TOOL  Siftr  H5P Multiple Hotspot Activity  Static Diagram


 Allow students to collaboratively contribute images, text, and video to a map using a simple upload process. Preserve student-curated map content in a format that is interactive, draws upon openly licensed materials, and hosted within your Pressbook.  Create a diagram that is stable in all Pressbooks formats, print included.
CONSIDERATIONS  Sitr is web-only. If some of your readers will access your text in a static form, consider including a link or QR code to ensure wider access. Creative Commons has a search engine that allows users to find openly licensed maps. Users can embed these images into Pressbooks as the background of an image hotspot activity.  Creative Commons can help users find a map to use as the backdrop of their image.

STEP 1: Students contribute images to campus Siftr map.

image of Siftr map of the Madison isthmus with four content markers near Bascom hill
Screenshot of a Siftr map featuring markers that highlight UW-Madison campus buildings. (Campus Siftr map linked here.)

Conversion A: H5P Multiple Hotspot Activity

Once students have finished contributing materials to the Siftr map, the instructor or groups of student-editors could convert the materials into an interactive H5P activity using a Creative Commons-licensed photograph as the background image.

The background image used in this activity was shared by the UW-Madison Water Sustainability and Climate Project under a Creative Commons license that permits non-commercial reuse–(CC BY-NC-SA 2.0).

Conversion B: Static Image

Instructors or students could also convert Siftr content into a static image by creating a numbered map for reference and including student contributions below. This would allow future users to view this content in print, EPUB, or PDF formats rather than only on the web.

E100 Campus Photo Activity

image of Wisconsin isthmus with numbers added over Bascom hill, Van Hise, Observatory Hill, and the Lakeshore Path


(1) Bascom Hill Snowman

Our group included this photo because it represents the creativity of students at UW Madison.  – Ashley K., Rashid M. snowman sitting on Bascom hill

(2) Van Hise in the Mist

We took this picture because seeing Van Hise in the mist made us feel a sense of awe just like the feeling we get when we think about how many classes we could take at UW. – Dana Q., Thomas R., Xiaohan C. A picture of Van Hise taken from ground level. The upper stories are blurred by mist.

(3) Crows and Cooper’s Hawk on Observatory Hill

 This photo highlights the natural beauty of UW-Madison. There is wildlife everywhere you look. – Angelica S., Eliza S., and Peggy S. Three crows and a Cooper's Hawk sitting in tree

(4) Lakeshore Path

 Our group took this photo to represent the time we spend walking and talking with our friends and roommates. We like the way that we learn as much from one another as we do from our homework assignments. – Esteban R., Gabriela B., Lisbet M.   image of a gravel path surrounded by vegetation


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