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Assessment Activity

The following page provides examples of content that is presented or formatted in inaccessible ways. What are some questions you would ask about this page if you were reviewing it for accessibility? What would you change? (The next Sourcebook page provides explanations of this content.)

What do you think

affects the growth

of a PLANT?

A lot of factors play a role in plant growth. Climate, temperature, plant pathogens, light levels, and the quality of Oscar-nominated films all play a role in plants’ ability to thrive. (Plants have discerning taste where movies are concerned.)

Year Total rainfall (July-August) Hottest temperature average over course of seven days (°F) Average Height of Sunflowers (feet)
2016 15″ 82 7.2
2017 10″ 80 8.1
2018 4″ 90 2.6
 The average rainfall between 2008 and 2018 was 9 inches.  The average temperature between 2008 and 2018 was 81°F.


In the following paragraph, the sentences in green are in the active voice, while the sentences in red are in the passive voice.

There was a group of scientists who worked together in a lab and studied mice. One day, another group of scientists applied to work in the lab. Their application was reviewed and it was decided that they would be allowed to share half of the lab space with the mouse researchers. The second group of researchers studied pythons. Everything was going well until one day, it was discovered that all of the mice in one of the cage had disappeared. Week after week, the mouse researchers would find another empty cage. It was decided that the pythons in the lab looked rather full. The mouse researchers told the python researchers that it was time to skedaddle. 

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