17 David Wiley, “Open Definitions, Specificity, and Avoiding Bright Lines”

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This brief essay argues explicitly against the idea of a bright line test for “open” in the context of open content.

Key Points

  • Open definitions exist along a continuum.
  • While there are some who want precise or “bright line” definitions, that allow them to clearly delineate what is open and what is not, providing space for decision makers to think deeply about the concept of openness is important.
  • Not all the lessons of open source software can be imported directly into our thinking about open content. Software and content are different in subtle and important ways.

Discussion Question

  1. Should you be more open?
  2. How can you be more open?

Additional Resources

Debian Social Contract (1997). Debian Social Contract, Version 1.0. Retrieved from https://www.debian.org/social_contract.1.0#guidelines


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