27 History of MIT OCW

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In 2007 MIT compiled a timeline of the most important milestones in its OpenCourseWare movement to date. Since then it has been updated to include more recent events. Below are a few of the most meaningful occasions.

Key Points

  • 1999 – MIT considered how to use the internet to fulfill their mission – to advance knowledge and educatoin students
  • 2000 – Proposed OCW
  • 2002 – First site with 50 courses on it
  • 2004 – OCW adopted CC license
  • 2005 – OCW Consortium formed
  • 2007 – Virtually the entire curriculum published online
  • OCW Scholar, OCW Lecture Hall launched

Discussion Questions

  1. What effect did MIT OCW have on the current open landscape?
  2. What event do you think was the most influential event for OpenCourseWare? Why?

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