Steel Wagstaff and Amy Song

Cherokee alphabet demo

Example of Cherokee Syllabary
Consonant a e i
Ø a e i
g / k ga ka ge gi
h ha he hi
l la le li
m ma me mi
n / hn na hna nah ne ni
qua que qui
s s sa se si
d / t da ta de te di ti
dl / tl
[d͡ɮ] / [t͡ɬ]
dla tla tle tli
tsa tse tsi
wa we wi
ya ye yi
Cherokee Syllabary for o, u, v
o u v [ə̃]
o u v
go gu gv
ho hu hv
lo lu lv
mo mu Ᏽ* mv
no nu nv
quo quu quv
so su sv
do du dv
tlo tlu tlv
tso tsu tsv
wo wu wv
yo yu yv

About the Authors

Steel is the educational product manager for Pressbooks, a small Canadian startup which makes open source book publishing software. He taught English for at the university level for a decade, and worked outside the academy as a land surveyor, prison educator, and mentor/tutor for elementary school-aged kids.

He earned a Ph.D. in English and a master’s degree in Library and Information Studies from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and now lives in Eugene, Oregon.

Amy graduated from McGill in 2019 with a degree in chemistry. Despite having enjoyed pipetting solutions into tiny vials, she realized that experiencing such opportunities are predicated on the accessibility of resources. Feeling strongly about these ideas, she joined Pressbooks, where she gets to exercise her love of continuous learning while contributing to a meaningful and collaborative environment. On any given day, she spends most of her time watching films, cooking, and enjoying the outdoors.


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