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Utopos University Press was founded in 1783 with the publication of ‘Educaytionne For Alle: A Manifestoe’, an anonymously authored tract which called for the establishment of free general education for men and women of all ages and social backgrounds. In 1999, the Press moved under the general supervision of the Utopos University Library System. Today, the emphasis of the Press is open educational resources used to support education across all of Utopos.

About Our Books

All of the books listed here are open access, and most have been published with Creative Commons licenses which permit anyone to freely revise and redistribute the content. If you are staff at Utopos University and would like to create or adopt an open access textbook, please consult our Open Textbook Fund for more information about funding options.

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Clone Priv 1 book cover

Clone Priv 1

Public Domain   Spanish

Author(s): Steel Wagstaff, author with & ampersand

Editor(s): Amy Song, Steel Wigglestick

Last updated: 18/01/2023

An Open Education Reader book cover

An Open Education Reader

Ontario Commons License – No Derivatives   English

Author(s): David Wiley, Editor

Subject(s): Open learning, distance education, Philosophy and theory of education, Moral and social purpose of education

Last updated: 18/01/2023

This group of readings was compiled by David Wiley for IPT 515R, Introduction to Open Education, taught at Brigham Young University in Fall 2014. The students in the course, who are listed as contributing authors below, wrote the summaries and discussion questions for each reading included in the book.

This is by no means a complete or final version of this book. We’re sharing it with the community now in the spirit of “release early, release often,” trusting that the community will help correct faults rather than criticize errors. Please leave suggestions for improvement in the comments at the bottom of individual pages, or email them to david.wiley@gmail.com.

Cover photo by Shahadat Hossain, licensed CC BY.

Thom Test Book book cover

Thom Test Book

CC BY-NC-SA (Attribution NonCommercial ShareAlike)  4 H5P Activities    French (Canada)

Last updated: 12/01/2023

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LTI Demo Book book cover

LTI Demo Book

CC BY (Attribution)  59 H5P Activities    English (United States)

Last updated: 22/12/2022

Integration Tests book cover

Integration Tests

CC BY (Attribution)   English

Last updated: 22/12/2022

Test Reference book cover

Test Reference

CC BY (Attribution)  1 H5P Activities    English

Author(s): Thomas Weideman, Steel Wagstaff

Editor(s): Rev. Pieta Bruzchinski IV

Subject(s): Education, Social and ethical issues

Publisher: Steel Press

Last updated: 14/12/2022

A longer description of this book because it has more works that the short description. I expect this NOT to appear in the book exports.

Full Book: With a very very long title that has tons of words in it, this is quite rare but does happen every now & again book cover

Full Book: With a very very long title that has tons of words in it, this is quite rare but does happen every now & again

Public Domain   English (United Kingdom)

Author(s): Steel Wagstaff

Editor(s): Amy Song, Steel Wigglestick

Last updated: 13/12/2022

Jc's test book book cover

Jc's test book

CC BY (Attribution)   English

Author(s): Jc Author

Editor(s): Editor Name Here, jcguan

Subject(s): Law, Careers guidance, Study and learning skills: general

Institution(s): Université de Montréal, Vancouver Community College, University of Toronto

Publisher: Press Books

Last updated: 08/12/2022

Short description goes here, small paragraph of text. Link
jctestbook book cover


CC BY (Attribution)  5 H5P Activities    Spanish

Subject(s): Derecho, Orientación profesional, Destrezas de estudio y aprendizaje: general

Publisher: Press Books

Last updated: 06/12/2022

This is the long description of the book. It can contain links.

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Adaptation Guide book cover

Adaptation Guide

CC BY (Attribution)   French

Subject(s): Edition et commerce du livre, Alphabétisation, Littératures grecques et romaines, Etudes littéraires : de 1400 à 1600

Publisher: BCcampus

Last updated: 29/11/2022

The Adaptation Guide is a practical reference about how to customize — or adapt — an open textbook so that it better fits your needs in the classroom and elsewhere. This guide defines the term adaptation and discusses reasons for revising a book, why this is possible with an open textbook, and the challenges involved.