With Pressbooks, Steal Like an Artist!

Imagine you find a book in Pressbooks Directory that is almost perfect for your needs, but not quite.

No worries!  A truly fabulous thing about the Pressbooks community is how it loves sharing and collaborating. The vast majority of books in the Directory are openly licensed, meaning they can be downloaded, revised, remixed, adapted and shared.

That’s the remarkable power of “open.”

Adapt a Book

Find a Pressbooks Directory book you’ll use as a starting point. Clone it to make your own copy. Then use the user-friendly Pressbooks Create platform to make revisions. You can easily:

  • Add or remove content
  • Re-organize information
  • Create interactive learning activities
  • Include information localized to your community, students and context
  • Invite others to collaborate – including your students!

Find a Book

Remix Learning Materials

Suppose you find several Pressbooks Directory books with great material, and you’d like to bring selected content together into a single resource. You can do it with the Pressbooks Create platform!

  • Select book sections to copy into your new book
  • Define content structure and organization
  • Add your own content and¬†interactive learning activities
  • Do it yourself or collaborate with a team

Start a Remix