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LTI Demo Book book cover

LTI Demo Book

CC BY (Attribution)  13 H5P Activities    English

Last updated: 29/09/2022


H5P Clone Test book cover

H5P Clone Test

CC BY-NC-SA (Attribution NonCommercial ShareAlike)  28 H5P Activities    English

Last updated: 29/09/2022

Anatomy 622 Coursebook book cover

Anatomy 622 Coursebook

CC BY-NC-SA (Attribution NonCommercial ShareAlike)  12 H5P Activities    English (United States)

Author(s): Elise C. Davis, Ph.D.; Meghan Cotter, Ph.D.

Last updated: 29/09/2022

This is the Course Book for Anatomy 622 at the University of Wisconsin – Madison.  It is for the sole use of students and staff in Anatomy 622 at the University of Wisconsin – Madison.  Do not reproduce or distribute.

Pressbooks 101: Democracy in Action book cover

Pressbooks 101: Democracy in Action

CC BY (Attribution)  8 H5P Activities    English

Publisher: L&S Learning Support Services, UW-Madison

Last updated: 29/09/2022

This book is no longer being actively maintained. For more up-to-date information about using pressbooks, please visit <a href="https://kb.wisc.edu/search.php?q=pressbooks" rel="noopener" target="_blank">the UW-Madison Knowledge Base</a><p>This book teaches the basics of getting started with Pressbooks, and is no longer being actively maintained. Many of the lessons here have grown out of topics covered at Pressbooks users group meetings from 2016 through 2017. To subscribe to upcoming announcements about future group meetings, please send an email to <a href="mailto:learnuwsupport@doit.wisc.edu">learnuwsupport@doit.wisc.edu.</a>
Web Literacy for Student Fact-Checkers book cover

Web Literacy for Student Fact-Checkers

CC BY (Attribution)   English

Author(s): Mike Caulfield

Publisher: Self-published

Last updated: 29/09/2022

Great resource for teaching web literacy.
Travis Metadata book cover

Travis Metadata

CC BY (Attribution)  2 H5P Activities    English

Subject(s): Education

Publisher: Pressbooks

Last updated: 29/09/2022

This Guide is meant to be the handbook for using Pressbooks effectively to produce books. Pressbooks is a simple tool, but it’s powerful too, and harnessing that power requires some learning.

This Guide should cover the basics of Pressbooks, including how to quickly get a book into Pressbooks and out the other end as a beautifully designed PDF (for print) or ebook (MOBI for Kindle, or EPUB for Apple, Kobo, Nook and others).

You will also find here resources for various features or special formatting, including how to place images, create footnotes, or put in pull-quotes.

Math Test book cover

Math Test

Public Domain   Spanish

Author(s): Morty Morterson, carl123

Editor(s): carl123

Subject(s): Conservación, restauración y cuidado de obras de arte, Compositores y autores de temas musicales, Arte musical, música orquestal, Reseña y crítica musicales

Last updated: 29/09/2022

UW-Madison French Department CSCR repository book cover

UW-Madison French Department CSCR repository

CC BY-NC-SA (Attribution NonCommercial ShareAlike)  483 H5P Activities    English

Author(s): UW-Madison Department of French, Italian

Last updated: 29/09/2022

An Open Education Reader book cover

An Open Education Reader

Ontario Commons License – No Derivatives   English

Subject(s): Open learning, distance education, Philosophy and theory of education, Moral and social purpose of education

Last updated: 29/09/2022

This group of readings was compiled by David Wiley for IPT 515R, Introduction to Open Education, taught at Brigham Young University in Fall 2014. The students in the course, who are listed as contributing authors below, wrote the summaries and discussion questions for each reading included in the book.

This is by no means a complete or final version of this book. We’re sharing it with the community now in the spirit of “release early, release often,” trusting that the community will help correct faults rather than criticize errors. Please leave suggestions for improvement in the comments at the bottom of individual pages, or email them to david.wiley@gmail.com.

Cover photo by Shahadat Hossain, licensed CC BY.

OER Activity Sourcebook book cover

OER Activity Sourcebook

CC BY (Attribution)  35 H5P Activities    English

Last updated: 29/09/2022