H5P activities list

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ID Title Activity type Show/Hide
21Multiple choice - response displays an answer out of threeMultiple Choice
22Black HawkQuestion Set
24Interactive VideoInteractive Video
25Drag the words into the correct boxesDrag Text
26Fill in the appropriate layer of the skin in each of the blanks.Fill in the Blanks
27Click on all of the structures that are innervated by cutaneous nerves in the skin.Mark the Words
28Skin Burn ClassificationFlashcards
29Match the function to the structure of the skin and underlying layers that is responsible for that function.  (Drag the words.)Drag Text
30Which epidermal cell type is responsible for the waterproof barrier of the skin?Single Choice Set
31MathSingle Choice Set
32Interactive Video DemoInteractive Video
33Course Presentation DemoCourse Presentation
34Timeline DemoTimeline
35Summary DemoSummary
36Assignment: quizz testQuestion Set
37Audio Recorder DemoAudio Recorder
38Chart DemoChart
39Collage DemoCollage
40Column DemoColumn
41Dialog Cards DemoDialog Cards
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